I grew up in the hills of central Kentucky, in a place where blue collar work is a way of life. Since I was old enough to swing a hammer my father taught me everything he could about construction. When I wasn't working with him I was holed up in my own world writing short stories and playing video games. During my early high-school years I would come home after school and help my older brother in his cabinet shop. My later high-school job was at a local butcher shop. After high-school I tried my hand at factory labor as a "Jogger" at Publisher's Printing. Sometime later I decided to go back to work for my father pouring concrete. After seven years of stomping in the mud and concrete I'd decided I'd had enough and turned to Full Sail University to carve out a future for myself. Now a graduate, my career is in full swing. My first lily pad of employment was at eDrive Media, an in-house web team at Forcht Group. After the 2008 economic crash I worked at various places and took on some freelance work to make ends meet until I was hired by Intelicom in the summer of 2009. While there I worked predominately as help desk support along with some front end development. My wife and I married in 2011 and moved to Hodgenville, KY to start a family and a small farm. Now I work from my home office as a front-end developer for cj Advertising.

Recent Works